Photoshop / Illustrator tutorial videos
If you looking for videos on 'how to use Photoshop brushes', 'how to install custom shapes' 'how to re-color the brushes' 'how to use Photoshop adjustment layers' 'how to use Illustrator plugins' 'how to duplicate Illustrator paths' 'how to load fonts' .. and millions of other tutorials, you can find out via my graphicxtras channel on youtube

The videos on the subject of Photoshop 14.2 above

The videos on the subject of Adobe Illustrator

To find more about my various Photoshop / Illustrator related products

By Andrew Buckle

Andrew's shapes for custom shapes, fonts, PDF vector designs for Photoshop, psp etc
Just added a new site called Andrew's shapes - for shapes and fonts

The site consists of 1000s of great custom shapes for Photoshop, fonts, PDF designs and much more. These designs can be used in 1000s of different ways and applications such as Photoshop, psp, indesign, Illustrator and more. All the designs are by Andrew Buckle and for commercial use. You can also find many free samplers on the site as well as movies and tutorials about Photoshop, psp etc

Adding new items all the time to the site

Andrew Buckle

Photoshop videos (Photoshop shapes, brushes, gradients, fonts, patterns) etc
Been adding lots and lots of new videos on my website as well as via my graphicxtras channel on youtube. The videos are on a whole range of subjects such as how to install Photoshop shapes and brushes etc as well as how to use the shapes etc in 1000s of different ways. I really enjoy creating the videos and even more usefully, I learn something as well. Doing a video showing all the various steps in a process really forces an understanding about the actual process, instead of just a more intuitive approach (which sometimes works and sometimes results in zilch in Photoshop).

If you want to find out about Photoshop and Illustrator etc, please check out my videos via the graphicxtras video channel

Added lots of new pages to my graphicxtras site as well as 100+ new shapes / brushes etc packages - you can find them all via

Photoshop brushes
Been very busy adding new items for Photoshop and Photoshop elements. As not everyone has Photoshop (or elements) most of my new sets all include PNG files and they can be used as Photoshop brushes, PSP brushes, Photoshop patterns and a whole lot more.

Anyway, the brushes are all for commercial use, they can be used in countless projects and blended and modified and exported and much more. All the brushes are by (Andrew Buckle)

The new brushes sets include

Eagles custom shapes for Photoshop
The latest release on is a set of eagle shapes - 100 different designs all in vector format for any size of work

All the sets on are now placed in different categories sections such as Christmas, robins, owls, etc and the eagles section has its own section and I will be adding more eagle sets (such as brushes etc) Realistic designs, sketch designs, silhouettes and many more

eagles designs

P themed font set released
On the face of it, just P letters .. that doesn't sound like much but there are many different P designs in this set such as circular designs, frame designs, 3D P designs, shadow designs, abstract P designs, wireframe shapes and much more - a whole lot of great letter shapes to use. The set is pack 169 - lots more to follow. Anyway the font shapes are for use in Word, Indesign, Photoshop, Pages, DTP, 3D applications and much more. Vector shapes for any size of work
There is also a freebie set on the page

P themed letter font set

Christmas Illustrator symbols - snow etc
Added a large selection of snow flake symbols to the Christmas Illustrator symbols page on The snow flake Christmas symbols are vector designs for all kinds of work (commercial use etc) All the designs are by The snow flakes are all colored designs but they can be re-colored quickly as well as combined in millions of ways to create countless symbol designs.
Christmas snow flake symbols pack (pack 97)

Christmas snow shapes
Added a new 100 Christmas snow shapes to the Christmas vector shapes section (for use in Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator etc) - the set includes many different snow designs, all for work with any size of documents etc

Christmas snow shapes

xmas snow shapes

Dot font set
Just added a 100 dot shapes set to the font section. OK, dots are perhaps not the most exciting of shapes but combinations of them can be pretty good and with a little manipulation in Illustrator and FontLab - the dots, I think, are pretty good. Linear and circular designs, rough shapes, mass dots, shadow dot shapes and many more. All the shapes are vectors so can be used with any size of document or artwork. The dot font shapes - combine them, modify them, re-color, edit, warp, export and much more. The dots are for Photoshop, Word, Indesign etc. i haven't tested the designs in all the applications and you probably can do more with the designs in something like Illustrator than perhaps in Word or Pages

Dot font set

Added some new pics as well, a gallery and even a SWF (getting a little more daring in my file formats) to the page.

dot font set

Star fonts for Photoshop, psp, Indesign etc
Latest section added to the graphicxtras site: star fonts.

Also added a new star font set to the page - 100 star shapes for use in Photoshop, Indesign etc. All the star designs are for PC and MAC OS X and the set includes the designs in EPS and TTF formats. Install the TTF files via the control panel on the PC . Install the the TTF files via the applications : font book on the MAC OS X. They are easy to use in countless applications.

This set includes shadow designs, sheriff designs, rounded stars and many more.

star font


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